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Friendly Visitors for Older Adults

OneGoodDeedAbout One Good Deed

Since 2006, One Good Deed (OGD) has carefully matched more than 400 older adults with community volunteers. These “friendly visitors” bring companionship and joy to seniors in our community. OGD volunteers provide emotional and social support, and help us fulfill our commitment to “honor our mothers and fathers.” 

How can One Good Deed help?

houseOGD carefully matches care recipients with a community volunteer who makes a one-year commitment to visit twice a month. Volunteers provide support by helping their recipient accomplish tasks such as running errands, shopping excursions, cooking a meal together, organizing bills, or simply enjoying an afternoon out. In undertaking these essential tasks together, volunteers act as social supports providing care recipients with companionship, encouragement and long lasting friendship.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • One Good Deed matches volunteers over the ages of 21 (or children accompanied at all times by an adult) with an older adult who is living independently but could benefit from some friendly companionship and support. 
  • Volunteers visit with their older adult for a minimum of 2 hours at a time and at least twice a month
  • Volunteers help their older friend with simple tasks, running an errand, having lunch or simply visiting, to create a bond that impacts both the volunteer and their older adult in ways that can't be measured!


  • If you or someone you know is over 60 and is living independently, alone or with a spouse but could use some companionship, socialization and enrichment One Good Deed will visit to determine if a volunteer may be able to provide some support. OGD will match a volunteer who will come and provide companionship, go out for lunch, do errands or help with simple tasks for 2 hours for a minimum of twice a month. To begin, please fill out the Care Recipient Application.

Family Caregiver Support

  • If you have a loved one who is older than 60 and lives independently but is aging in place and in need of some companionship and support One Good Deed volunteers can help support your loved one and you.
  • One Good Deed will visit with the family caregiver and the older adult in their home to determine if a volunteer may be able to provide some support. The volunteer will provide companionship and support for 2 hours at a time and a minimum of twice a month to do errands, go out for lunch or help with simple tasks. To begin, please fill out the Family Caregiver Application.

Here is what caregivers and volunteers say about One Good Deed: 


“She is my second set of loving arms for Mom.” - Jackie

“You have been wonderful to my mom, your visits are the highlight of her week. You are a true angel to give up your time to be with her twice a month. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” - Jill


“I love talking to Frank and learning about this incredible family and all of their amazing accomplishments. I am so thankful to One Good Deed ...I have grown so much as a person from this experience.” - Shelly

“I thoroughly look forward to spending time with Bert. She is a joy to be with whether we go for lunch, grocery shop or just visit and play bingo. I am so happy to have found such a wonderful new friend!!” - Sharon

Max and Virginia