Geriatric Care Management

What Is Geriatric Care Management (GCM)?

We often see clients who are juggling career, family needs and caregiving at the same time, while others live too far from their parents or aging loved ones to help them meet their daily needs. We know that when clients have trouble understanding how to help the elders they care about, it’s difficult to make sense of the options. Geriatric Care Management (GCM) provides assistance for you and your loved one in finding resources, making decisions, and managing stress. This important service provides “one stop shopping” for care for you and your loved one.

Learn more about geriatric care management at JF&CS from care manager, Debbi Dooley.

GCM Services:

  • Assessment in home or in office to determine what is needed to maximize elder’s quality of life
  • Complete evaluations and referral recommendations for where to turn and what to do
  • Ability to design, implement and manage a comprehensive plan of care to relieve your uncertainty, teach you about available services, and help you understand the language and programs involved in eldercare.
  • Education for everyone concerned about appropriate levels of care and available resources
  • Professionally mediated family meetings to provide a safe space and a neutral party to listen to family concerns and help work toward resolving disagreements
  • Assistance with living-arrangement transition
  • Advocacy for you and your elder at doctor’s visits and hospital stays, and review of their care
  • Assistance with screening, arranging and monitoring services to give you an extra set of eyes and ears
  • Providing the best care and value for you through our extended network of partners.

Our program to include 24-7 GCM support for our clients. In addition to services provided by the hour, we also have monthly service plans and packages which include discounted rates.

Why Aviv Older Adult Services?

Three words: we are connected.Most geriatric care managers are independent, for-profit providers who work alone and may receive fees from their referral sources. JF&CS is a person-centered, nonprofit organization with an entire aging division comprised of Licensed Clinical Social Workers, who counsel older adults; masters-level social workers and counselors, who manage caregiver programs and facilitate support groups; and RNs and clinicians, who work with older adults every day. We’ve learned from those we serve: we make suggestions and referrals based on our years of experience serving elders. We support each other and problem-solve to create the best solution for each client, while valuing their independence. We offer you a team.