Helping Atlantans Manage Substance Abuse


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Note: this not a crisis line. If you need immediate medical assistance please call 911.

What is HAMSA?

HAMSA is JF&CS’ Jewish response to addiction. We provide recovery support and tools, to serve as the go-to resource for the Jewish community. Through a Jewish lens, we help people navigate the system of resources, ensure continuity of care for all levels of recovery, and provide excellent clinical support.  Because addiction is at epidemic proportions in the Atlanta area, and other treatment options are traditionally not Jewish-informed, HAMSA is in a unique position to facilitate change and significantly impact the Jewish recovery landscape.

Recovery Happens

Addiction in the Jewish Community

A deep level of shame and denial exists within many Jewish communities across the country regarding addiction. A common myth is that Jews do not have problems with drugs or alcohol. The reality is that alcoholism and drug addiction do not discriminate; they affect Jews as often as they do any other group.Roughly 10% of the United States population is affected by alcoholism or drug addiction. This indicates that 10% of the 5.5 million Jews living in the United States are affected by substance abuse issues. A key objective of the HAMSA program is to promote an open and honest dialogue about substance abuse within our community.