Divorce Support

Going through a divorce can be very painful, especially when there are children involved. JF&CS’ Counseling Services offers a variety of support services to help you and your family during a difficult time.

Individual Support

Individual Counseling for Adults:

As professionals we work to identify each person’s strengths so they can best handle their divorce. Our clinicians aim to help individuals cope with the emotional impact to their life.

Individual Counseling for Children Affected by Divorce:

Divorce affects children in many different ways. Our clinicians specialize in helping children find their voice to best handle the changes in their lives. A post-divorce “Check Up” is available to evaluate how your children are adjusting to the divorce.

Parenting Support

Pre-Divorce Counseling:

If you are a parent thinking about divorce or already starting the process, you probably have a lot of questions. How do we tell the kids and when? What is a normal reaction to divorce? Our clinicians can provide answers to these kinds of questions and help you figure out what works best for your family.

Co-Parenting Support:

Research shows that children who see their parents arguing during and after a divorce are more likely to have behavioral problems. If you’re having a hard time agreeing on issues regarding your children, an objective third party can help. We work with you on how to communicate with the other parent after trust has been broken and/or anger remains.

Group Support

Starting Over:

If you’re having trouble moving on with your life after divorce, this support group can get you in touch with men and women of various ages in a similar situation. Starting Over meets twice a month to discuss a host of topics, from meeting new people and dating to remarriage to financial and legal issues.

Parenting Through Divorce:

Just like Starting Over, Parenting Through Divorce is a support group for moving on with your life that also includes conversations about the changes in your life as a parent.