Kosher Food Pantry

One in every 7.5 people in Georgia uses a food pantry as their main source of food.  JF&CS’ food pantry offers a unique service in that it can offer kosher foods to all clients seeking assistance. Though we serve both Jewish and non-Jewish clients, we realize that purchasing kosher foods can pose an additional financial burden, so we serve as a source of kosher food so clients do not have to compromise their religious traditions due to financial limitations.  Last year, our food pantry provided 22,000 pounds of food to 2100 individuals, 350 of whom were seniors.  We also provide grocery store gifts cards to clients in need.

The kosher food pantry is a crucial component of JF&CS, as we direct many of our clients seeking financial assistance to the food pantry in order to help them allocate their funds to other expenses, such as medical bills, rent, and utilities.

The community also utilized the food pantry as a way to get families involved in community service. We host many Bar and Bat mitzvah Projects, as well as groups of school children and families so they can volunteer in the food pantry and do their part towards combatting food insecurity.

We welcome donations of all kosher foods but have a particularly high demand for specific items. Below is our donation wish list:
  • Kosher Pasta Sauce (Barilla, Newman’s Own, Trader Joe’s Green Label Marinara)
  • Kosher Canned Salmon
  • Kosher Jelly (Publix Brand, Smuckers)
  • Kosher Mac and Cheese
  • Shelf-Stable Milk
Organize a Food Drive OR donate to JF&CS so that our food pantry can continue to serve families across Atlanta.