Need Help? Give Robin a Call.

Image of Robin Brill
At JF&CS, we say, “… it starts with a call.”  And when someone needs help, and when they take the first hard step of reaching out, one of our intake volunteers is there to answer the call. 
One of those intake volunteers is Robin Brill.  And we sincerely thank her for her compassion and dedication.
A graduate of the Kay Family Tools for Leaders program, Robin has been volunteering with JF&CS for over eight years.  She began her work with us by spearheading a new program that allowed volunteers to do the clinical intake process – freeing up clinicians to serve more clients. 
Now, Robin knows everything there is to know about our full range of Clinical Services, and she is definitely here to help!
Robin says she’s inspired by the work she does because she can help change people’s lives for the better.
We’re inspired by Robin.

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