How You Can Help Change People's Lives

How You Can Help Change People's Lives

What if you could help someone with a developmental disability learn the skills to hold a job or bring companionship to an older adult who spends most of her day alone? What if you could help a young adult overcome addiction or help restore confidence to a child being bullied at school? And what if you could help someone out of work for a year find employment?

So many “what ifs.” Here’s another: What if you could do all that and more, like provide a young child with a big PAL, support programming for Holocaust survivors or supply rides for older adults to the doctor? That’s the beauty of JF&CS’ Annual Campaign — it helps people in so many ways and makes a huge impact on the community.

Here are some of the ways your unrestricted donations make a difference:
  • $18 - Fresh food for someone struggling to make ends meet or gas so he or she can get to a job 
  • $36 - A cleaning or filling at the Ben Massell Dental Clinic
  • $75 - 10 home-delivered Kosher meals or four hours of home care for an older adult
  • $100 - One month of group therapy for a child, teen or adult 
  • $150 - A substance abuse evaluation for someone facing addiction
No matter the size of your gift, your donation makes a meaningful impact. Please support JF&CS’ 2015 Annual Campaign at ytfl.org/campaign

Make Your Donation Go Further

An anonymous donor has challenged JF&CS to raise $40,000 in new or increased gifts by August 31, based on the following criteria:

  • All new gifts of $250 or more will be matched dollar for dollar.
  • All current donors of $250 or more who increase their gift by at least 10 percent will have their increased amount matched dollar for dollar. 

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