Bruce Lindemann - Volunteer of the Month

Herbert Kohn Meritorious Service Award Winner

The Herbert Kohn Meritorious Service Award was created in 1983 to recognize a Board member’s outstanding contribution to the Agency’s Board of Directors. The intent of the Herbert Kohn Award is to honor one dedicated Board member each year that has made a significant contribution to furthering the mission and goals of the Agency through either committee or project-related work.
Additionally, the Herbert Kohn Award serves to recognize a Board member who demonstrates the commitment and passion to help guide the Agency toward its vision and strategic goals.

Bruce’s commitment to JFCS and the seriousness with which he takes his board responsibilities is unparalleled; he has been on the board since 2014. He deftly balances advocating for the needs of his daughter Carla while engaging in strategy and planning on the disabilities service area of this organization as a whole. He is a person of action and a tireless advocate. 

Bruce has done phenomenal work with the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Committee focused on advocacy. When we were blocked from opening two homes in the Zimmerman Horowitz Independent program, he made calls, sent letters, and attended hearings. Thanks to his efforts, these homes are open and thriving. When monies were being held by Medicaid that JFCS had been owed, he used his network and his voice to make our agency whole. And when he felt he wanted to learn more about the agency after his board and committee service, he applied to the Kay Tools for Leaders program, once again proving his commitment to the agency's cause.
Carla Lindeman
Bruce's daughter, Carla, accepts the award on his behalf

Bruce has commitment, integrity, and is the true embodiment of the JF&CS mission. He is very dedicated to the agency and is passionate about the work it does especially for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Congratulations to Bruce on receiving this award! 

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