A Passover Story

Hello, Friends and Colleagues,

I am writing to share a Passover story that is very close to home. 

On the day of Erev Passover, when the first employees were arriving at our Dunwoody offices in the morning, they observed an elderly, feeble orthodox man with trash bags and boxes containing his worldly possessions in front of our clinical entrance. 
Clinical Entrance
The JF&CS Clinical Entrance

The man was agitated, ill, and clearly had no place to go.  Members of our reception, intake, and clinical teams spoke to the man outside and learned that he had been dropped off in front of our building at 1am the night before.

After determining that this man was not a threat but an individual in need, our staff mobilized and worked together to help him.  He had no money, no place to go, and nowhere to turn – all he wanted was a place to celebrate Passover. 

JFCS Entrance
JF&CS - Hope and Opportunity Happen Here

Our staff jumped into action - we gave the man kosher food from our panty, gift cards for Kroger, and connected him with Rabbi Mendy Gurary to host him for the Passover Seders. 

Chief Program Officer Faye Dresner spoke to the man’s son in Israel to assure him that his father would not be alone for the Chag.  Our HR Director Lisa Bronstein arranged payment for a hotel nearby. We helped the man load his belonging into a cab to take him the hotel, and when the cab could not fit this man’s walker our Clinical Director Dan Arnold put it in his own vehicle and followed the cab. 

Passover Plate
A Passover Seder Plate
On Passover, we remember that we were once strangers, and we must therefore love and care for the stranger’s needs.  Our amazing team did this today on Erev Passover as they would any other day.   I am so proud of JF&CS’ staff who live our mission and values and am humbled to see the meaning of Passover come to life at our own doorstep.  Chag Sameach to those that celebrate Passover.


Rick Aranson, CEO
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