10 Reasons You May Need JF&CS

10 Reasons You May Need JF&CS

JF&CS provides support to the entire community through programs and services that can help families in every stage of their lives.

Here are Ten Reasons you might want to tell your friend or family member to contact JF&CS.

  1. Her aging mother is having trouble taking care of herself and her house, and needs extra help.

  2. He loves his wife dearly, but they always seem to be fighting. He needs someone to talk to.

  3. Her usually happy child has become withdrawn and her grades are suffering. She won’t talk to her mother.

  4. He was downsized from the only company he has ever worked for, and does not know how to start over.

  5. Her spouse is behaving in ways that frighten her, and she has nowhere to go.

  6. She is worried her son may be drinking more than socially, but does not know how to talk to him about it.

  7. His grief from his father’s sudden passing has taken over his life, and he is suffering from depression.

  8. Her family is facing mounting debt from medical treatments, and needs help paying bills and buying food.

  9. He has a son with a developmental disability, and wants him to have a better quality of life.

  10. Her daughter recently graduated college, and does not know how to find a job or write a resume.

For questions, more information or to schedule an appointment please call 770.677.9474.

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