ArtWORKS is back preparing for the “Go Wild” art show which will be held at The Art Institute of Atlanta – Decatur on December 5th, 2013. With more than 50 acrylic-on-canvas works in development, including massive banners depicting wild animals, our clients are as busy as they are excited about this gala event. Clients chose the “Go Wild” theme to honor one of our Tools for Independence TeamWORKS’ partners, ZooAtlanta. Our clients regularly volunteer to support the educational programs sponsored by ZooAtlanta, and recognizing ZooAtlanta through the show creates the opportunity for our clients to give back to the community that supports them. Last year’s show generated more than$2,000 in earnings for the program and our clients, and we are looking forward to setting a new bar at the 2013 show!

In addition to show preparation, our clients are also busy filling customer orders. Having earned more than $1,000 in custom pet portraits this year, our premier artists are presently at work on two new portraits.. With a new marketing campaign underway at local veterinary clinics, doggy day cares and salons, ArtWORKS is optimistic about growing our portrait sales. In addition to helping generate pet portrait sales, some of our clinic patrons (such as American Heritage Pet Hospital in Snellville) have been wonderful enough to hang and help sell our clients’ work in their reception areas and offices. With a couple of sales to members of the general public under our belt, ArtWORKS looks forward to expanding our social enterprise, including growth of our Etsy.com page as well as our own website.

ArtWORKS’ is a successful self-sustaining program that is not only recognized in the industry for its innovative programming and revenue generation, but the inherent success of its clients. The heart of the program is the personal benefit to our clients. ArtWORKS is often the means to an end of personal development. One of our clients, Arlene, came to the program with a shy, retiring nature and a low self-esteem. Six months later, she is a leader on ArtWORKS’ marketing team, sharing her excitement and enthusiasm with potential customers that she meets in the community. The only thing more important than marking the progress in her fine motor skill development as she tries her hand at different art projects, is noticing the transformation into a bright, vivacious and confident young saleswoman.

Visit  http://www.artworksatl.com for more information about ArtWORKS or go shopping on our Etsy page:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/ArtWORKSATL.

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