Needs of a Grieving Child

Grief is a natural part of life but with children, it can sometimes be difficult to know what to do to help them process their grief. Director of Clinical Services Dan Arnold has prepared this short list to help. If you need additional guidance or support we're here to help. Call 770-677-9474 or jfcsatl.org/counseling.

Always remember that grieving children need:

·      Information that is clear and understandable at their development level

·      To be reassured that their basic needs are met

·      To be involved in planning for the funeral and anniversary

·      To be reassured when adults’ grief is intense

·      Help with exploring fantasies about death, afterlife and related issues

·      To be able to have and express their own thoughts and behaviors, especially when different from significant adults

·      To maintain age-appropriate activities and interests

·      To receive help with “magical thinking”

·      To say goodbye to the deceased

·      To memorialize the deceased

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