10 Tips to Get Ready for "Back to School"

10 Tips to Get Ready for

Everyone loves the carefree pace of summer, but with the start of school around the corner, it’s time to ease back into the daily routine. There’s no doubt that the shift from summer to fall is the hardest of all, so we hope these top 10 tips will make your transition a little simpler!

1. Gather school supplies with your kids

Not only will your kids have everything they need to succeed in the upcoming school year; they might even be excited to use their materials once they see them laid out. Having the necessary tools makes the idea of going back to school more real but also less intimidating. And everyone loves to break in a fresh pencil!

2. Ease back into a schedule

Enjoy the last few days of summer before you’re forced back into the daily grind, but start planning them to resemble the timing of the school year. Plan activities that put your body closer to normal meal times and bed times. This way, you and your children will still be enjoying some summer fun, but the transition into the hectic pace of school won’t be as difficult.

3. Stay outside

Just because school is starting doesn’t mean all the fun of summer has to end immediately. Encourage your child to play outside while the weather is still nice. Outdoor activity is an exciting way to stimulate physical and mental health. It also will help your kids sleep better at night, making bedtime easier on you.

4. Help pick out an outfit for the first day

Stylish clothes will promote that “look good, feel good” attitude to help your child dress for success! Avoid the extra stress of deciding what to wear in the morning by planning outfits the night before. Your child will be more excited to get out of bed those first couple of days knowing s/he has a great outfit to wear!

5. Plan and discuss extracurricular activities

Decide which activities to focus on this year whether it’s starting a new sport or continuing previous activities. Make sure to mark all registration dates on your calendar so you don’t miss any deadlines once school picks up. Remind your kids that having more activities may make it harder to balance their school work, and be sure they know what is expected to ensure a fun and successful school year!

6. Put away the summer clutter

A clean space will make you and your kids feel better about starting the year off right. Organized areas set the tone for a positive school year, and that neat desk starts to look like the perfect homework station.

7. Set the alarm clocks

Even if it’s not quite as early as they will need for school, get your kids used to waking up to an alarm. Find a tune they like in the morning, so it’s not such a struggle to get out of bed. Start setting the alarms earlier in 15 minute increments. This way, all of your can ease into those early school mornings for you and your kids.

8. Practice a healthy meal plan

Find some healthy, nutritious meals for the school year and start implementing them before the kids go back. Get your bodies back on the proper eating schedule to simplify the transition into school and enforce good eating habits. Make sure you have the foods you need to prepare lunches ahead of time, and cook quick, nutritious dinners to make it easier on yourself. You’ll feel safe knowing your kids are eating right, and a balanced diet will help keep your kids focused in class.

9. Manage your own schedule

Don’t get so caught up with preparing the kids that you forget about what you need to get done for yourself. Take advantage of the slow summer pace to get ahead at work or on errands, so you won’t have to juggle that on top of starting school.

10. Keep a master calendar

A calendar will help to keep you organized. It may seem overwhelming to put school dates, work deadlines, extracurricular activities, birthday parties and various appointments all on one calendar, but knowing what’s next is the only way to know how to prepare. This will give you an idea of what the upcoming weeks will look like and allow your entire family to get excited for what lies ahead! It’s also great modeling for kids who are juggling school projects and extracurricular activities.

Written by Dan Arnold, Posted in Child & Adolescent Services

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Dan Arnold

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