Starting on the gPATH to your career

Starting on the gPATH to your career

Many college graduates leave school hoping to land a great job. But before spending months sending hundreds of resumes into cyberspace, they need to ask themselves some questions, and they need to prepare. Obviously, they need to gure out what they want to do and which kind of job is right for them. But where to start? 

With JF&CS. Career Services – Tools for Employment is embarking on gPATH, a program designed to help graduates Prepare, Aim, Train and get Hired. It’s all about building the skills to master the job search, get hired and succeed in the workplace.

“gPATH is is a comprehensive program that will empower students with the tools and knowledge they need to distinguish themselves in the eld,” said Bonnie Klein, director of Tools for Employment. “ ere are hundreds of people graduating but with limited resources to help them succeed. Our one-on-one approach looks not just at the job search but at the entire placement process and beyond.”

What differentiates JF&CS from other employment services? 

“gPATH is more than just helping with the basics,” said Mandy Wright, gPATH program coordinator. “We give our graduates a working knowledge base, so they can stand out and succeed on the job. They’re not going to walk out with just a resume or a cover letter but with a bank of useful knowledge to last their entire professional lives.

“They really will have an understanding of the whole process of starting a career — a lot more than just the do’s and don’ts.”

In addition to classes in resume writing, networking and salary negotiations, key components of gPATH will include mock interviews and mentoring. JF&CS is looking for volunteers to participate in the program. If you are interested in conducting some interviews or mentoring a graduate, please let us know. We aren’t asking for a huge time commitment but as little or as much as you can give — an hour here and there for interviews or as much as you have to be a mentor. We also are looking for employers to team up with us and gain access to this pool of applicants.

For more information, contact gpath@jfcs-atlanta.org or call 770.677.9358.  

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