JF&CS’ Strategic Plan 2016-2021

StrategicPlanThe Path Forward

Our vision:

A community of empowered lives

Our mission:

Making hope and opportunity happen

Our core values:

  • Commitment and Integrity
  • Compassion and Respect
  • Innovation and Collaboration
  • Professionalism and Responsiveness
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Impact and Data-driven Decision Making

Measurements of our impact:

  • Quality of life
  • Self-sufficiency

Our goals & strategies:

I. Enable a Responsive and Adaptive Organization
  • Optimize decision making through data and analytics
  • Market programs to target audiences in the Jewish and broader communities
  • Align people, processes and plans to deliver exemplary service
  • Invest in technology that facilitates efficiency, effectiveness, and results
II. Focus and Scale Programs to maximize our clients’ Self Sufficiency & Quality of Life
  • Achieve program outcomes through adoption of evidence-based practices
  • Enable person-centered program integration through coordination of services
  • Extend impact through collaboration
III. Promote Sustainability through Diversified and Enhanced Funding
  • Acquire resources through implementation of a comprehensive, integrated strategy
  • Recruit and maintain a diverse volunteer base
  • Increase the JF&CS Foundation’s financial resources through planned gifts

Our Journey on the Path Forward

Developing a strategic plan for an organization as complex as JF&CS is clearly a journey that includes diligence in gathering information and input, inclusion of the appropriate stakeholders/clients/professionals and a commitment to understanding the needs of community. And it ultimately requires the courage of the organization’s leadership to ask the hard questions and seek out authentic and responsible answers. It was a journey that consumed the better part of the past year, and the outcomes and impact will carry forward for the next six years. The graphic presented summarizes this process, and the seven steps outlined identifies the steps taken to make this a living, nimble guide for the future.
  1. Defined the scope of work and strategic planning process with input from staff and board members.
  2. Identified current and future client needs and started organizing priorities.
  3. Surveyed staff, clients and other stakeholders and evaluated programs to determine environment.
  4. Reviewed with Board the environmental scan and recommendations from staff.
  5. Met with all staff to build out strategies and actions to implement strategic plan.
  6. Finalized strategic plan document, operational plan to support implementation and dashboard tracking tool.
  7. Presented final documents to board for approval.

A message from our CEO:

JF&CS is committed to ensuring the investment made by the individuals, organizations, corporations and other entities that work with and support us will yield the highest return and most meaningful impact possible for our community. This represents an evolution in our approach. Where we used to judge success by the number of people we served, we now are measuring in new and more accurate ways the actual change that results when individuals use our programs and services. We believe this will provide a more person-centered focus for results and offer guidance for maximizing the effectiveness of our programs and services.

In this vein, we have introduced a new vision of what we aspire to achieve — a community of empowered lives. Our mission — what we focus on every day — is to make hope and opportunity happen. Our path forward will take us there. Thank you for your support.