About JF&CS

Guided by the wisdom and values of our traditions, JF&CS is a nonsectarian, community-based social services agency that prides itself on its professionally delivered services and responsiveness to evolving community needs. Our commitment is multifold:

  • To develop and deliver programs and services in accordance with a tradition and heritage of caring for people
  • To treat all people with dignity, respect and sensitivity
  • To offer the highest quality of professional services emphasizing confidentiality, integrity and innovation
  • To be responsive to the diverse needs of our community
As a dynamic and progressive organization with a "never satisfied" spirit, we look to our visionary leadership, creative management, dedicated and compassionate employees and inspired volunteers in providing inclusive and far-reaching programs. JF&CS is actively engaged in collaborative efforts with other organizations, community groups and synagogues to provide off-site, community-based services.
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